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Solar Energy

Solar energy is a great solution for any distributed generation project. It provides a more efficient and clean source of energy to a facility rather than pulling from the grid. The cost of solar has continued to fall as efficiency of the technology continues to rise. Because of this, solar energy solutions provide some of the most cost effective ways to offset electricity costs. 

Battery Storage

With the continuous changes of legislation and as financial incentives begin to decline, there will be a need to store overproduction of energy from solar arrays and use this energy on demand rather than sending it back to the grid. Battery storage technology coupled with solar energy production is the perfect combination of clean, on-site distributed generation with demand response. There is currently a large focus on research and development of new, efficient, and lower cost battery storage technology. As this technology continues to improve, more battery storage opportunities will become financially viable in the future. 

LED Lighting

Before considering an energy production project to offset electricity, it is important to make a facility efficient by reducing consumption from its existing equipment loads. Replacing old, out of date lighting with new, efficient LED lighting can greatly reduce a facility's electricity load and offer attractive financial savings. 

Demand Shave

Certain utility rates contain more complex charges rather than just the typical cost per kWh of consumption. Demand charges are one of these line items that cannot be eliminated from a client's bill by implementing a single renewable energy technology like photovoltaics or wind power. A demand response mechanism must be added in order to respond when a facility is in need of instantaneous power. These types of energies can come from on site generators, CHP units, or battery storage banks. 

Data Acquisition Systems

In order to monitor the performance of our systems, RPG implements custom data acquisition systems for each project. These systems are very valuable tools for both RPG and our clients. It allows our team to verify that our projects are performing to their maximum potential and provides our clients with real time data of their energy savings.